Arctic News Roundup: 12-18 April

[Photo by Marc Lanteigne]

by Mingming Shi

1) As the Asahi Shimbun reported, Japan has announced plans to build another icebreaker this year to further develop the country’s Arctic research. The project will be overseen by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), and the organisation is estimating that the vessel will enter into service in 2026.

2) The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) held a webinar entitled ‘Greenland’s Minerals and China’s Green Dominance’. The event included discussions of Greenland’s mining policies, as well as the politics of rare earth elements and Chinese and Danish interests in these resources.

3) Iceland is still struggling with reducing long-term unemployment numbers, despite a minor decline in the rate of overall unemployment rate in March of this year, as RÚV reported. Foreign workers were seen as being especially vulnerable to being unemployed, according to the head of the Confederation of Icelandic Labour.

4) A position of accountant is being advertised by the Greenland House in Aarhus, Denmark (Det Grønlandske Hus Aarhus in Danish). The requirements and other relevant information can be found in the link. 

5) Reuters revealed that the Government of Norway has signed an agreement with the United States, agreeing to establish American military facilities on Norwegian territory. However, the agreement would not come into force before the ratification of the deal by the Norwegian parliament (Storting).

6) In the wake of the parliamentary elections in Greenland this month, Mingming Shi wrote a new article in OtC which details the country’s governmental and election systems.