‘China’s Polar Push’ – A CSIS China Power Podcast

Tiananmen Square, Beijing (Photo by Marc Lanteigne)

This month, I was honoured to be asked by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC to participate in a podcast interview on the subject of China’s developing polar policies, including the recent release of Beijing’s first governmental White Paper on the Arctic.

The interview, entitled China’s Polar Push, was recorded as part of the Centre’s ongoing China Power Project, includes topics ranging from the history of Beijing’s first steps into participating in Arctic policymaking in the last century, China’s emerging scientific and economic interests in the circumpolar north, cooperation with Arctic states, including Russia, and the question of China as a ‘near-Arctic state’.

The podcast, in its entirety, can be heard via the link below, and a big thank you / merci beaucoup to the CSIS for name-dropping Over the Circle!

China’s Polar Push: A Conversation with Marc Lanteigne‘ – CSIS China Power podcast, 26 February 2018.