New Report: China and Russia in the Arctic

Lake Baikal, Siberia. (Photo by Pixabay)

A new online article written by the editor has just been published by the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) in Washington, DC. The piece looks at the deepening economic relationship between China and Russia in Siberia and the Russian Far East as Beijing’s Arctic interests grow in scope.

Moscow has been early participant in the Xi Jinping’s government’s Belt and Road initiative since its first components were announced in 2013. Yet the Russian Arctic has been more directly integrated into the BRI as a result of Chinese interests in making greater use of the emerging Northern Sea Route (NSR) as well as the resource potential of Siberia/RFE. More recently, potential communications and transportation infrastructure have formed a greater part of Sino-Russian Arctic cooperation. The question, however, is how best to define this emerging partnership?

Marc Lanteigne, ‘Northern Crossroads: Sino-Russian Cooperation in the Arctic,’ National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), 27 March 2018, <>

A pdf version of the report can be downloaded here.