New Article: ‘China Steps up Its Mining Interests in Greenland’

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Greenland, Danish and Faroese flags in Nuuk [Photo by Marc Lanteigne]
As climate change continues to affect the Arctic, including in Greenland, there is growing interest from many countries about the possibility of expanded resource extraction on the island. China has become a major player in potential mining projects, and recent further steps were taken by Chinese firms to engage in mining joint ventures.

The planned rare earth elements (REE) and uranium mine at Kvanefjeld is one major example, and this article, written for the online Asia-Pacific affairs journal The Diplomat by Marc Lanteigne (OtC editor) and Mingming Shi, looks at the recent progress of that project as well as the potential local and international effects.

Marc Lanteigne and Mingming Shi, ‘China Steps up Its Mining Interests in Greenland,’ The Diplomat, 12 February 2019, <>.