New Article: ‘China’s Central Role in Denmark’s Arctic Security Policies’

[Photo by Marc Lanteigne]
At the beginning of December, the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS) published its annual report on the state of the country’s security, and this year Greenland factored heavily in the document, including as regards to Chinese economic interests on the island, and recent American responses. OtC writers and editors Mingming Shi and Marc Lanteigne commented on these events in a new article for The Diplomat.

In addition to describing the more complicated strategic neighbourhood Greenland is finding itself in, the Danish paper also reflects growing concerns about emerging great power competition in the Arctic as a whole.

China’s Central Role in Denmark’s Arctic Security Policies: Copenhagen‘s Arctic Planning Has to take China into Account,’ by Mingming Shi and Marc Lanteigne

The Diplomat, 8 December 2019