Arctic News Roundup: 1-4 January

Parliament Buildings in Ottawa [Photo by Marc Lanteigne]
by Mingming Shi

The Arctic News Roundup is a new column for 2020, looking at what has been making the news in the region over the past week.

1) The current President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhann­es­son, who was elected in the summer of 2016, has  announced that he will run again for the position in 2020, according to

2) An article written by Doris Friedrich, on the sexual abuse against children in Greenland, was published by the High North News in English. The author discusses the reasons behind this crisis, the obstacles to be addressed, and further consequences. Many factors, including primarily alcohol and unemployment, have led to this societal problem.

3) An article also in the High North News this week tells the story of the newly-appointed Minister of Northern Affairs in November 2019 in Canada. Dan Vandal, the new minister with an indigenous background,is the first person to hold solely that portfolio within the Canadian government.