Arctic News Roundup: 23-29 March

Mountains near Akureyri, Iceland [Photo by Marc Lanteigne]
by Mingming Shi

1) Marc Lanteigne, Chief Editor at OtC, published a descriptive article about the growing foreign relations of Greenland, in light of the news reported last month on the further ambitions of Nuuk to open a representation office in China in the future. Despite its status as an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark, Nuuk has established four of its own representative offices abroad, namely in Copenhagen, Brussels, Washington DC, and the most recent one in Reykjavík.

2) CBC News, based in Canada, introduced some cuisine culture via inhabitants living in Northern Canada during the COVID-19 quarantine. Some citizens shared their recipes of home cooking with local harvest ingredients, including rabbit stew, fish pie, pumpkin bread, and other regional delicacies.

3) The Arctic Science Summit Week, which this year was supposed to be held in Akureyri, Iceland last week, was instead held online from 27th March to 2nd April. The topics of the conference, panels covered a wide gamut of subjects such as pollution and litter in the Arctic Ocean, facets of the maritime ecological system, human security, and specific regional research projects.

4) Two airports in Iceland, including one in Akureyri and one in Egilsstaðir, are set to be expanded, in order to adjust to anticipated larger transportation volumes in the future, and to fuel the Icelandic economy in the long run, according to the Iceland Review.