Arctic News Roundup: 11-17 May

[Photo by Marc Lanteigne]
by Mingming Shi

1) Nunatsiaq News, a news agency specialising in the Canadian North, reported on a goose watch competition for Inuit peoples in Canada. The event was initiated by SIKU, an Indigenous knowledge app launched in 2019. 

2) A new article was posted in OtC on the joint US-British naval manoeuvres in the Barents Sea and political effects of that operation, including responses from Russia and Norway.

3) May 17 is  the National Day of Norway. However, this year, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the ban on large gatherings, the country opted for a quieter way to celebrate the day without parades, according to The Local Norway.

4) The government of Faroe Islands has been preparing courses in Faroese as a second language for foreign learners, as Kringvarp Føroya (KVF, the national broadcasting corporation) reported. The Faroe Islands are an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark.