New Article: ‘Greenland in the Middle: The Latest Front in a Great Power Rivalry’

[Photo by Marc Lanteigne]
Since last year, Greenland is finding itself at the centre of an emerging sea change in Arctic politics, as the United States continues to step up its economic diplomacy towards the island in response to perceived concerns about Chinese investment. These policies, however, may place Washington at odds with Denmark, which is also addressing how best to rework its Greenland policies as part of an overall revised Arctic strategy, while being aware of the omnipresent question of potential future Greenlandic independence.

OtC editors Mingming Shi and Marc Lanteigne comment on these questions in a new article published this week in The Polar Connection.

‘Greenland in the Middle: The Latest Front in A Great Power Rivalry,’ by Mingming Shi and Marc Lanteigne, The Polar Connection, 25 May 2020, <>