Interlude: Mongús and His New Home

[Artwork by Mingming Shi]
by Mingming Shi

Mongús is a ten-year-old tuxedo tomcat who had been wandering in Hveragerði, a town in South Iceland, how found his new home recently. Mongús became a stray cat after his former master passed away a few years ago. Without shelter, he had to struggle for meals and looked for sanctuary on his own. Being fierce with other feline counterparts and even aggressive with human inhabitants in the town, Mongús became infamous and even unpopular.

(Above is a hand-drawn picture of Mongús at his new home, by Mingming Shi, Associate Editor at OtC. Like it or not, Mingming is proud of her work.)

Nevertheless, a couple was willing to offer him food often, (and later became his new family), and volunteers of Félagið Villikettir, a local organisation which rescues feral cats, took the time to approach him and finally acquired him after many attempts. Exhausted, dirty, sick with infections, along with other health problems, Mongús was provided a temporary bed, food and medical treatment, such as vaccinations, at a shelter. His life story was also shared on the Facebook page of Félagið Villikettir, and was called for a second chance to be a better cat.

Fortunately, he has been accepted by the couple who used to feed him and has started a brand new life. It would still take time for others to see if Mongús could become friendly and behave himself or not. The story of Mongús is a little miracle of caring, patience, and of course neutering, in a country which is often famous for its cats.