Arctic News Roundup: 5-11 October

[Reykjavík 101 photo by Marc Lanteigne]

by Mingming Shi

1) An article in Norway Today gave an overview on the Scandinavian countries, namely Norway, Denmark and Sweden, featuring sections on local geography, history, economics and other social and cultural aspects of these Nordic states.

2) The Barents Observer reported on the arrival of the Arktika, a Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker, to the North Pole. After overcoming serious technical faults, the expedition began in late September when the vessel launched from St. Petersburg and sailed past the Norwegian coastline and the Barents Sea before reaching the northern tip of the globe on October 3rd.

3) According to CBC, the Armenian community in Yellowknife, Canada, gathered at the territorial legislature in the town, to raise awareness of recently erupted conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. According to some of the participants, the gathering was aimed to promote the recognition of the conflict, which reignited in late September, in their home country. 

4) As the Icelandic news service Morgunblaðið reported, Disney+, a popular streaming service of Disney, whose business also includes Iceland, does not offer an Icelandic language option for any of its programs. Some Icelanders, including those who work in the film industry, had expressed their surprise at the omission, and noted that dubbing films and series offered via the service would help protect and promote Icelandic in the country.