Arctic News Roundup: 8-14 February

[Photo by Marc Lanteigne]

by Mingming Shi

1) The Icelandic news service RÚV reported that 11 February marked the thirtieth anniversary of Iceland’s recognition of the independence of Lithuania from the collapsing Soviet Union, with Iceland being the first country to do so. Lithuanian residents in Iceland put together a thank-you video to commemorate the occasion.

2) According to Morgunblaðið, the overall unemployment rate of Iceland is still rising, with some parts of the country, such as Suðurnes suffering from far higher rates than the national average.

3) As the CBC reported, Sadetło Scott of Yellowknife shared her recipe of making popcorn with moose fat. According to her, this idea was literally inspired by a dream.

4) The huge potential of the Northern Sea Route as a marine passage in the Arctic to connect Europe and East Asia has been observed over the past decade. However, according to an article published in the Norway-based High North News, maritime traffic using the NSR remains lower than originally predicted, especially as compared with other major sea lanes. One of the main reasons why is that transit shipping from Europe to Asia still remains modest, and there is the additional challenge of predicting exactly when, at the beginning of each year, sea ice will vanish to the point where such transits become viable.

5) Flightradar24 shared an interview with Jacob Nitter Sørensen, the CEO of Air Greenland, on topics including his job, the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on the airline, and the challenging future for the company.