Arctic News Roundup: 21-27 February

[Photo via Pixabay]

by Mingming Shi

1) The Wilson Quarterly published an article by Múte Egede, Prime Minister of Greenland, entitled Greenland at the Center of A Changing Arctic. This long read article offers an overview of how Greenland has transformed itself from a former colony of the Kingdom of Denmark, to an autonomous land, with greater self-determination, via various international cooperation and exposure, including in the high north. The Prime Minister also conveyed his views on how Greenland has been adapting itself to climate change and contributing to global development. 

2) According to RÚV, Icelandic authorities announced that they would lift all remaining restrictions during the pandemic from Friday, 25 February, applying to both domestic life and border controls. This means the country would be returning back to the pre-pandemic situation for the most part, as masks are still recommended in some occasions, such as in hospitals. However, the government has also warned of the possibility of re-adoption of restrictions in the future if necessary.

3) Peace was torn up again this week, which was not the first time in human history this has happened.

4) The Arctic Frontiers organisation is seeking candidates for two internship positions in Tromsø, Norway. Please refer to these links for further information.