Arctic News Roundup: 14-20 March

Ice in the Davis Strait, Greenland [Photo by Mingming Shi]

by Mingming Shi

1) UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, based in Tromsø, is advertising for several Ph.D. fellowship positions in Arctic related fields. Please refer to these links for further information. Good luck!

2) The Arctic Hub published an article on the efforts made to ensure ethical guidelines for research in Greenland, written by a group of specialists in Greenland and abroad. One of the aims of this potential project is to develop ethics instructions for researchers working on Greenlandic affairs in order to give back to the society of Greenland, and to Greenlanders also involved in research. 

3) As The Guardian reported, the people of Finland have been ranked as the happiest people in the world in 2022, for the fifth year in a row. This is according to an annual report sponsored by the United Nations. As the author of the article explained, this ranking is highly connected with personal wellbeing, quality of social systems, good governance and other related factors. After Finland, Denmark came second, followed by Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

4) According to the BBC, smoke, caused mainly by increasing incidents of wildfires, has been contributing to further ice melting in the Arctic, along with other sources of climate change. These fires have been studied as creating ‘brown carbon’ particulates, as opposed to ‘black carbon‘ soot created by diesel engines, and burning coal for fuel, which is also a danger to the Arctic environment. Consequently, a warmer Arctic may cause more wildfires, risking a feedback loop.