New Article: ‘A Cold Arena? Greenland as a Focus of Arctic Competition’

Flag of Greenland [Photo by Marc Lanteigne]
Although a Chinese firm was unsuccessful in its bid for a contract to expand airports in Greenland, it is unlikely that China will be losing interest in developing economic partnerships with the island at any time soon. Mining joint ventures in Greenland, including at Kvanefjeld, continue to take shape, for example. However, Beijing’s economic diplomacy in Greenland has not only caught the attention of Denmark, but also the United States, which is now seeking to update its diplomatic representation on the island and also potentially contribute to the diversification of the Greenlandic economy.

Is Greenland shaping up to be a new arena for competition between China and the United States? This is the subject of a new article published in The Diplomat this week by OtC writers and editors Marc Lanteigne and Mingming Shi.

Mingming Shi and Marc Lanteigne, ‘A Cold Arena? Greenland as a Focus of Arctic Competition,’ The Diplomat, 10 June 2019.