New Article: ‘European Troubles and Norway’s Three-Point Game’

Stortinget (Parliament) in Oslo, Norway [photo by Marc Lanteigne]
As part of the tenth anniversary of the Canadian international affairs magazine Global Brief, the decennial issue includes a new article by OtC editor Marc Lanteigne on the challenges facing Norwegian foreign policy, including in Arctic affairs.

In the piece, the Arctic is examined along with Russia and the European Union in the current chaos of Brexit as three distinct policy areas which may dominate policy debate in Norway in the near future. In the case of the Arctic, Oslo is not only having to balance growing Russian security activities in the far north, but also a hardening US posture in the region and the development of China’s ‘Ice Silk Road‘ in the Arctic Ocean.

European Troubles and Norway’s Three-Point Game,‘ by Marc Lanteigne, Global Brief, 20 June 2019.