Book Announcement: Routledge Handbook of Arctic Security

[Photo via Routledge]
This new book about the evolving dimensions of security in the Arctic brings together some of the leading specialists in and about the region, examining the ideas of ‘security’ from numerous angles including aspects of state power and military capabilities but also from the viewpoint of indigenous persons as well as various regional, local and individual levels of analysis.

Co-edited by Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv, Marc Lanteigne (editor of OtC) and Horatio Sam-Aggrey, the Routledge Handbook of Arctic Security examines the strategic behaviour of Arctic actors ranging from the governments of the ‘Arctic Eight’ states, to organisations like the Arctic Council, to sub-regional communities in Canada and Russia, as well as non-Arctic states which nonetheless are developing ambitious Arctic agendas.

Other case studies include economic, energy, environmental, and gender security, as well as both historical and current security challenges distinct to the circumpolar north.

The upcoming book, the first major study of its type, looks at these issues via five broad themes: theorising Arctic security; the Arctic powers; security in the Arctic through governance; non-Arctic States, regional and international organisations; and people, states and security.

Routledge Handbook of Arctic Security will be published in February 2020, with further information about chapters and authors available here.