20 Questions about Greenland

[Photo by Marc Lanteigne]
by Mingming Shi, OtC

Greenland made global headlines for many reasons this past year, but how much do you know about the country? Answers will be uploaded next week!

1) What is the population of Greenland?

a) Around 15,000
Around 56,000
c) Around 350,000
d) Around 5.7 million

2) What is the capital of Greenland?

a) Nuuk
b) Narsaq
c) Ilulissat
d) Reykjavík

3) What is the name of the University of Greenland in the Greenlandic language?

a) Kayak
b) Uummannaq
c) Inatsisartut
d) Ilisimatusarfik

4) Which of the following animals is NOT found in Greenland?

a) Polar bear
b) Penguin
c) Harp seal
d) Reindeer

5) What do the white and red colours represent on the national flag of Greenland?

a) Ice and the sun
b) A cloud and the sun
c) Polar bears and fire
d) Ice and fire

6) Which of the following means of transportation is currently not possible in Greenland?

a) By boat or ship
b) By air
c) By train
d) By dogsled

7) What does Kaffemik mean in Greenland?

a) Coffee is in the blood of Greenlanders
b) Coffee sells well in Greenland
c) Social occasions where Greenlanders gather with family and friends
d) The start of the summer solstice

8) What citizenship do Greenlandic people hold?

a) The Kingdom of Denmark
b) The Republic of Greenland
c) The Republic of Iceland
d) Dual citizenship of Denmark and Greenland

9) How many Greenlandic representative seats are there in the Danish parliament?

a) Zero
b) One
c) Two
d) Three

10) Where is the famous Kvanefjeld mining site located?

a) North-East Greenland
b) North-West Greenland
c) South-West Greenland
d) In the middle of the country 

11) How do you say “Thank you” in Greenlandic?

a) Takk fyrir
b) Tēnā koe
c) Qujanaq
d) ᓇᑯᕐᒦᒃ

12) What percentage of Greenlandic population are living in igloos?

a) 0%
b) 2%
c) 6%
d) 10%

13) What is the biggest sector of the Greenlandic economy?

a) Mining
b) Fisheries
c) Timber
d) Fresh water

14) Which of the following beer is a Greenlandic brand?

a) Carlsberg
b) Viking
c) Brennivín
d) Godthaab Bryghus

15) Which of the following gem is being exploited in Greenland?

a) Rubies
b) Diamonds
c) Amethysts
d) Emeralds

16) Which indigenous groups form part of the Greenlandic population?

a) Nenets
b) Eskimo
c) Inuit
d) Sámi

17) Who was the first female Prime Minister of Greenland?

a) Sara Olsvig
Aleqa Hammond
c) Aki-Matilda Hoegh-Dam
d) Ida Heinrich

18) Which of the following city has not been designated a sister city with Nuuk?

a) Tromsø
b) Reykjavík
c) Guangzhou
d) Changchun

19) Which of the following biological products are banned from being transported out of Greenland without special permits?

a) Woodworking at art galleries
Seal skins with the mark of ‘Great Greenland’
c) Fur from polar bears
d) Dried shrimp sold at supermarkets

20) Which of the following descriptions is incorrect about the Self-Rule agreement which came into force in 2009?

a) Greenland is entitled to pursue independence
b) Greenland is responsible for its own defence policy
c) Greenland receives an annual fiscal subsidy from Denmark
d) Denmark has the right to oversee the foreign policy of Greenland